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          • 2022年成考還有很長一段時間,不過,想要參加成考的考生朋友千萬不能松懈,從現在開始,就要好好準備復習了。尤其是英語,很多考生敗就敗在這門學科的考試上面。

          2022年成考還有很長一段時間,不過,想要參加成考的考生朋友千萬不能松懈,從現在開始,就要好好準備復習了。尤其是英語,很多考生敗就敗在這門學科的考試上面?!ocabulary and Structure (40 points)


          There are 40 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

          11. Which is ______ country, the United States or Canada?

          A. a larger B. larger C. the larger D. the largest

          12. The silk feels ________.

          A. soft B. softly C. softness D. softy

          13. Two nuclear power stations _______ in the past ten years.

          A. are built B. have been built C. would be built D. are building

          14. They kept on ______ till they got to the foot of the hill.

          A. to run B. running C. runing D. run

          15. There is much work to do, _______?

          A. isn‘t it B. is there C. isn’t there D. is it

          16. _______ as he is, he can‘t understand the English film.

          A. A student of English B. Though a student of English

          C. Student of English D. Being a student of English

          17. The old in the country _______ taken good care of.

          A. have B. has C. is D. are

          18. Not a single mistake _______ in the test.

          A. he made B. did he make C. he has made D. made he

          19. ______ my surprise, I got a high grade in this test.

          A. For B. To C. To be D. On

          20. She never agree _______ you, did she?

          A. to B. with C. in D. at

          21. Would you mind _______ a photo of you?

          A. me take B. to take C. my taking D. me to take

          22. The lady treats the boy well as if he ______ her own son.

          A. is B. was C. were D. would be

          23. _______ round the city, we were impressed by the city‘s new look.

          A. Taken B. Taking C. To be taken D. Being taken

          24. He had a pain _______ his back.

          A. on B. with C. in D. onto

          25. The city _______ I was born is on the new railway line.

          A. which B. that C. on which D. where

          26. I had _______ that I would always remember it.

          A. so a good experience B. such a good experience

          C. so good an experience D. such good an experience

          27. ______ give us help is welcome.

          A. Who ever B. Whoever C. No matter who D. Those who

          28. After running for nearly half an hour, I was ________.

          A. out of place B. out of control C. out of breath D. out of practice

          29. The mother told the little boy to do all the things _______.

          A. on himself B. on his own C. to himself D. by own

          30. You had better _______ a jacket, because it is cold outside.

          A. take on B. to take on C. put on D. to put on

          31. If you will do that, please take me into ________.

          A. think B. thinking C. thought D. account

          32. My pen has _______ ink.

          A. run out of B. a few C. run away D. no little

          33. There are, of course, bad teachers as well as ________.

          A. good one B. some good C. good ones D. those good

          34. “______ haste, the less speed” is good advice he often gives us.

          A. More B. The more C. The morer D. Morer

          35. You do look _______. You are not at all like a person who has been ill in bed for years.

          A. good B. well C. sad D. disappointed

          36. Some people like to eat apples. But some prefer bananas _______ apples.

          A. to B. for C. with D. against

          37. I _______ here two years ago.

          A. moved to B. have moved C. have moved to D. moved

          38. He is _______ strong a man ________ he can lift ten stones like this one.

          A. such…so B. so…that C. such a …that D. so a …for

          39. It _______ they who lent me the television.

          A. was B. is C. were D. are

          40. A famous Canadian doctor expressed the value of hobbies by saying, “______ man is really happy without a hobby.”

          A. Not B. Without C. No D. None

          41. Television broadcasts are ________ to an area that is within sight of the sending station of its relay.

          A. prohibited B. bounded C. limited D. restricted

          42. Many things ________ impossible in the past are common today.

          A. to consider B. being considered C. considering D. considered

          43. My parents wanted _______ me.

          A. make a scientist B. to make a scientist

          C. make a scientist of D. to make a scientist of

          44. He has a bad habit of ________ others when they are speaking.

          A. involving B. investigating C. interfering D. interrupting

          45. I like that new watch very much, but I can‘t ________it.

          A. cost B. offer C. pay D. spend

          46. Tom arrived at the office and discovered that he had _______ his door key.

          A. lent B. borrowed C. lost D. no

          47. The beautiful scene left a deep _______ on the foreign visitors.

          A. thought B. idea C. thinking D. impression

          48. The room is a little small; _______ it is so hot.

          A. in addition B. in addition to C. additional D. adding

          49. I wish I ______ her address yesterday.

          A. know B. had known C. would known D. knew

          50. It ______ yesterday. The ground is still wet now.

          A. must have rained B. was raining C. rained D. had rained


          11.C 12.A 13.B 14.B 15.C 16.C 17.D

          18.B 19.B 20.B 21.C 22.C 23.A 24.C

          25.D 26.B 27.B 28.C 29.B 30.C 31.D

          32.A 33.C 34.B 35.B 36.A 37.D 38.B

          39.A 40.C 41.C 42.D 43.D 44.D 45.B

          46.C 47.D 48.A 49.B 50.A

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